How does EmailCaddie do Open tracking?

Email open tracking is done by putting a tiny online pixel (image) on the email. This image is inserted by the Email Caddie Outlook addin. The image is not visible to the recipient.

When the recipient reads your email, the image will be sent by the Email Caddie website. This tells EmailCaddie that the email has been opened.

Why does EmailCaddie show several open notifications for an email?

Since, MS Outlook has a preview pane as a feature, if the recipient previews the tracked email, this will trigger an email open notification.

The image loads multiple times from just that one mail depending on how the recipient views their emails. For example, if the recipient, forwards his/her mail to another mailing account the if he/she opens the mail there it will give an open notification.

My Open Rates seem Relatively High/Low

Why email open rates are high?

  • A spam filter is causing high open rates.
    Aggressive spam filters will click links in incoming mail before delivering them to make sure there isn't any malicious content. Our system automatically tracks clicks as opens, and we have no way of differentiating when a click is from a spam filter. This can sometimes lead to an unusually high number of opens from a single domain. If you notice this on your report, it's likely the result of a spam filter. We recommend you ask your recipients to whitelist your email address.

  • Your subscriber forwarded your email.
    When your subscribers forward emails through their email client, any opens for the forwarded email are recorded as additional opens for your subscriber.

Why email open rates are low?

  • Downloading of images on subcribers computer is turned off
    If subscribers turn off downloading of images than EmailCaddie will not be able to track email opens, due to the fact that it was unable to download the small 1 x 1 tracking pixel. Though, if the email contains links and the subscriber clicks on the link then the open will be recorded for that click.

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