Email Caddie Installation Steps

Download and install Email Caddie if you have not already done so.

1 Download EmailCaddie for Outlook Installer:

Download EmailCaddie
Current Version: 1.0.8157  Release Date: 02-MAY-2022.

The Download button above (recommended) will download a file that works with both 32 Bit and 64 Bit versions of Outlook 2016 and above, and Office 365. You can also download a 32-Bit MSI or 64-Bit MSI installer.

2 Run the downloaded file (EmailCaddie.msi).

3 Restart Microsoft Outlook.

4 After installation , EmailCaddie will prompt you to login with your email and password.

5 Start Using EmailCaddie in Microsoft Outlook.

If the following instructions or the information in this knowledgebase did not help, please contact our support team at


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