What happens to your emails
after you click Send?

Increase Responses, Conversions and Sales by knowing
and following up while your emails are still being read!

Track with Outlook

Open and Click Tracking
Instant alerts the moment your emails are opened or clicked

Reply Tracking with Office 365

Reply Tracking Outlook email tracking features +
Reply tracking too.


Instant Open and Click Notifications

Get instant desktop notifications when a recipient opens an email or clicks on a link. Increase conversions by following up, while the other person is still thinking about you or your products.

You can also choose to be notified via email if you prefer.

Make informed decisions using the email history timeline

EmailCaddie logs all sends, opens, clicks and replies on your timeline.

Use your browser to see the full history of when emails and links were opened… and take the best actions needed to close the sale.

See who’s ignoring you

The EmailCaddie Dashboard shows you all your tracked emails including those that have not been opened, clicked or responded to.

Track Mail Merges too!

Send tracked emails merges from inside Outlook using an easy Wizard. Personalize emails using custom fields, send unique links, send customized attachments and much more. Works with contact lists saved in Outlook, Excel, Access, Salesforce and many more. [Read More]