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The Ultimate Email Merge Tool for Outlook

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Email Merge: Send Personalized Emails from Outlook

Send personalized emails from inside Outlook using an easy Wizard. Personalize emails using customer fields, send unique links, send customized attachments and much more. Works with contact lists saved in Outlook, Excel, Access and many more.

Track your Merges: See who opens, clicks or replies

Track your entire merge simply by ticking one box on the Email Merge Wizard. View summary and detailed information on all your merges to make informed decisions… or export the data to Excel to use in Salesforce etc.

Use Email Merge to COLLECT information (Click Response)

Collect information from your contacts be including click responses links in your emails. Recipients can send you information simply by clicking on a link. For example: they can click on a link to RSVP for an event.

Do follow-up merges based on who has opened, clicked, click-responded etc

You can use your tracking data for follow-ups. Use the Email Merge Wizard to send out additional emails just to people who have opened an email, clicked on a link, click-responded Yes etc.

Follow-Up in Real Time (Instant Notifications)

Get notified instantly when a recipient opens and email or clicks on a link. Helps you increase conversions by following while the other person is still thinking about you or your products.

Combine Multiple Merges

Need to add additional people to an Email Merge. EmailCaddie lets you combine merges so that the tracking data is shown in one place.