Increase Sales | Improve Response Rates | Free-up Time

Take action based on who has actually opened or clicked

Email Tracking and Analytics for Mail Merges
(and for normal Outlook emails too)

Works with Email Merge PRO for Outlook

EmailCaddie integrates with Standss Email Merge Pro for Outlook. Use EmailCaddies reports to send individual emails or follow-up blasts based on who has opened, clicked etc.

Online Timeline and Dashboard to view history and take informed action

View full details in Timeline or Dashboard View in the EmailCaddie cloud app.

Email Tracking Instant Notification

EmailCaddie will notify you when a recipient opens or clicks on an email. Know when, where and on what device the email was viewed.

EmailCaddie can display notifications on your desktop or notify you with an email.

View Full Details of Each Merge

See summary and detail reports of each merge including open rates, click rates, exactly who has opened an email or clicked on a particular links etc. Details can be exported to Excel for you to analyse and use.

Increase Sales and Response Rates by Remerging based on Open and Click Data

EmailMerge can link directly to EmailCaddie and use the tracking data so that you can easily Do a Merge to anyone who not opened an email.. or merge to everyone who has clicked on a particular link etc.

Follow-up merges based on previous actions can greatly improve both open rates and sales.